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Home Owners

We can help you a find house, that you can call home.

Healthcare Team

We can make sure that you have access to the heath care team for immediate attention.

Short Term Insurance

They have some of the best ways which can get you a short term insurance which will allow you to have safety on cases of emergencies.

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In Detail About How She Provides Evaluations And Consultation Services.

Certified Specialist

They have some of the best ways which will allow you to get a home which fulfils all your requirements.

Engage In Activities

We will also find you a home where you can also enjoy your recreational activities.

Clinical Excellence

We will help find you the right excellence which can get you through any medical emergency.


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About Susan Bachner Consulting, LLC

We are looking to make sure that you have the right people who can get you through any difficult situations while being able to access them through close quarters.

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From Our Blog

  • As the old age institutions become more popular in society, it seems like a more convenient option for ourselves when we think about where we will live when we get older. Staying at our own home seems like a poor choice to make as the old age homes offer enough activities and entertainment to keep us busy. At home, we might get bored too easily or procrastinate on things for hours which does not sound better than the old age homes. Staying in an institution do have its own benefits but aging in place to have its own perks. Here are the reasons why aging in place is also a good and doable idea.

    Lower costs

    The old-age institutions today cost a lot to get all the facilities and medical healthcare. It can get pretty expensive if you have not made enough savings and asking from kids can get a little awkward. Staying in your own homes will save you the money on rent which you can use on medical purposes. The medical plans do not cover long term plans and need to be renewed from time to time. Saving money from playing to the institutions can help in paying for medical bills more conveniently.

    Safer Living

    Living in your own place is the safest choice for old age. It will save you from the physical as well as mental harm caused by homesickness. You can feel more comfortable and secure in your own home, which is why it is a better option. Nursing homes can get crowded with people with different problems and needs. This can take off the attention from you for a long, long time, causing tension and discomfort. You also become more exposed to several diseases from your fellow old members. Instead, you can fit the right gear and gadgets at your home and live a safe and healthier life.


    As we grow old, we get to be independent and make our own decisions without anyone else’s opinion. But the nursing homes can once again put up restrictions to you when you take retirement. You will have to compromise on your freedom and self-sufficiency. At home, you can be more relaxed and independent to do anything you would like, as long as you have some company to take care of you during emergencies. Freedom and self-sufficiency are necessary to have a good mental and emotional health. At old age, the seniors deserve the independence to do as they like without any stress.   Disabled Life   All the above three reasons support the argument that staying at own homes is a better option than going to nursing homes and old age institutions which offers a controlled and disciplined environment which does not support a relaxing and joyful environment.